People DON’T buy products or services.

People buy how the product or service makes them FEEL.

That’s why your brand MATTERS!

Build your BRAND, give it the spark it needs, to SHINE.

A brand isn’t just about a logo, a color, a font:

it’s about the experience a user has with it.

A brand is a narrative.

A brand is a story.

A brand is an experience.

A brand is an experience.

Here I am, Being your partner/buddy in building your brand whatever it takes.

Branding was a passion I knew I wanted to pursue, even when I was a teenager. It wasn’t so clear and out there, I called it ‘Public Relations (PR)’, back then. As my heart would have it, I later discovered PR was something else in the corporate world out there, and I wanted to be where people are, where we get to talk to people heart to heart, connect and impact their lives.

Branding, it was!

It took me a few years of doing everything under the sky, in communication space, to find my love for branding. I did PR too. 🙂

Call it a Brand Coach, a Brand Strategist, a Brand Consultant; the idea remains about creating an experience to cherish for the consumer, a narrative to remember, and a story to tell passionately.

Let's craft brands that connect hearts. ❤️

Here I am, Being your partner in building your brand whatever it takes.

“It was a pleasure working with Brand Coach  and Divya. The service level was superb, the turnaround time and the responses were great. We had a new design for our company Logo and all the supporting documents within 3 week. The innovation for the logo design was creative and it resonate with the vision of the company.”

Mhamud Charania
Logistics Company, Mozambique

As Branding has been a key factor in articulating our start-up Esthetic Insights Pvt Ltd & Skinncells identity associating with Divya for Brand Nomenclature, Ideation, and Strategy helped us to set apart. She is super creative and very proactive in providing support by understanding brand vision & positioning. With her implementation of insights & long time experience in branding, I truly appreciate her ability to deliver detail-oriented work, at the earliest. Divya was really professional & great to work with. Being responsive, adaptable & client-oriented, she understands the objectives in presenting brand proposition, taglines, logo’s, designs & other branding materials as well. Although our brands were just launched, and in a shorter period of time, they have already been incredibly well-received by our customers & investors. I must have to say that we can truly rely on branding for further projects with Divya and would definitely recommend her if the need arises. Be it any branding elements, every single thing was created professionally. Thank you for the extremely qualitative service.

Chakram Shivam
CEO, Esthetic Insights & Skinncare range of Skin & Hair Care products

Divya worked with us for close to 3 years from 2015-17 as a Branding & Marketing Head. She spearheaded the brand transformation, as Oliva was spreading its wings from Hyderabad to different cities across India. Being a medical professional my understanding of branding was limited and I used to find a lot of ideas put forward by Divya a little impractical or not required but used to go with her inputs finally. Looking back, that was the right thing to do as a lot of things done during that period helped the brand achieve a pioneer status in the cities we operate. Divya brings to the table a deep understanding of branding & passion towards her work. She would definitely be an asset to any organization. I wish her all the best.

Dr Prashant (MD - Dermatology)
Managing Director, Oliva chain of Skin & Hair Clinics

Divya and I worked together in Havells, in Marketing Communications. She is an extremely energetic, methodical and dependable person. Her energy is infectious, I would always rely on her for critical projects. I am extremely happy to see her evolving and starting on her own, her clients can expect some energetic work. My best wishes will be with her always.

Vijay Narayanan
Former Senior VP - Marketing Communications Havells India Limited

If you are feeling inspired to begin your branding journey, let’s connect.

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